Sunday, August 23, 2015

A little background....

Living "deep in the heart of Texas" has a lot of meaning for me as I live in Brown county, about 40 miles from the geographical center of the state.

I'm a big fan of Texas dance hall music and love to two-step, waltz, shuffle and swing dance... but I had a hard time finding who was playing where on weekends; I've ended up doing a lot of googling to track down some of my favorite bands ~ bands such as Asleep at the Wheel, Jody Nix, Jake Hooker, Tommy Hooker,  and local favorite Kelly Spinks.

I also love to trail ride my horses and go to horse and Ag related events such as organized trail rides, ranch rodeos, PRCA rodeos, horse races, pioneer days, re-enactments and tractor pulls but have become frustrated with trying to find websites that cover a variety of western style events with locations and times. Links to a few area Cowboy churches will also be provided.

Sooooooo, I'm going to try to put together a blog that will bring some of these wonderful western themed things to a sort of grand central Texas station :) 

I have many other interests also and will be providing links to include a few... but certainly not limited to: scenic back country drives, great places to eat Texas style food and maybe listing a few trade days happenings, flea markets etc. 

Some of my big interests are antiques, original western art work, books about Texas, Texas landscape and wildlife photography, foundation Quarter Horses and Appaloosas ~ I will be offering a limited number of antiques, books, art and some of my photography taken in and around this area, for sale from time to time.

I welcome input on upcoming events, and submissions of old vintage photos and Texas tales, both legends and facts. Please feel free to like and share my posts on Facebook. 

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